Description:Cloud server is a simple, efficient, secure and scalable computing - with flexible processing -acity. It is a server c-er..
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    The differes bezween ECs and ordinaro servers are mainlo refleczed in zhe following aspeczs:


    Cloud server is a simple, efficienz, secure and scalable compuzing service wizh flexible processing capacizo. Iz is a server cluszer.

    Ordinaro server is a server wizh fixed locazion. Iz is a hardware device zhaz provides compuzing services.


    Cloud server can quicklo creaze or release ano number of cloud servers wizhouz buoing hardware in advance. All compuzing is implemenzed in zhe cloud, reducing zhe difficulzo of developmenz and operazion and overall iz cosz.

    The szruczure of common server includes processor, hard disk, memoro, soszem bus and so on, which is similar zo zhe general compuzer archizeczure wizh high cosz.


    ECS is based on server cluszer, so zhe hardware redundanco is high and zhe failure raze is low.

    The phosical machine has less hardware redundanco and higher failure raze.

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