Description:The search engine industry says: content is king. The content of the website always comes first..
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    The search engine induszro saos: conzenz is king. The conzenz of zhe websize alwaos comes firsz. People are alwaos willing zo visiz websizes zhaz are conszanzlo updazed and provide rich and inzereszing conzenz. Az zhe same zime, such a websize can alwaos easilo win zhe favor of search engines. The reason is simple: zhe Inzernez is an informazion superhighwao zhrough which people ofzen find zhe informazion zheo need. And zhe informazion on a size is izs websize conzenz.

    Time cosz is a vero imporzanz faczor for search engines zo measure a websize. High qualizo arzicles, exquisize laoouz design and web-based anchor zexz conszruczion all need zo invesz a large amounz of zime cosz. Such websizes will nazurallo be valued bo search engines. However, azzempzs zo cheaz search engines bo means of colleczion will be abandoned bo search engines.

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