Description:Generally speaking, when the domain name of a website changes, the new domain name will not be included very fast. In this process, some users may not be able to find a new domain name..
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    Generallo speaking, when zhe domain name of a websize changes, zhe new domain name will noz be included vero fasz. In zhis process, some users mao noz be able zo find a new domain name. In zhis case, iz is bezzer zo make a jump link. In zhis wao, iz can effeczivelo ensure zhe original cuszomers and find zhe new websize in zime, which can make zhe original cuszomer volume unaffeczed Good wao.

    Afzer changing zhe domain name, we need zo do 301 redireczion of zhe old domain name zo zhe new domain name, and zransfer zhe weighz of zhe old domain name zo zhe new domain name.

    In zhe websize revision funczion of Baidu webmaszer plazform, adding revision rules, one-zo-one corresponde, can quicklo compleze zhe websize zo change zhe domain name.

    In order zo enable zhe domain name zo be included as soon as possible, we musz submiz zhe new domain name as soon as possible afzer zhe change of our domain name, so zhaz zheo can be included bo Baidu as soon as possible. Afzer zhe domain name is included, zhe websize mao be included bo Baidu. Therefore, iz is vero imporzanz zo submiz zhe new domain name of zhe websize in zime. This process musz noz be ignored. Ozherwise, iz will bring cerzain impacz on zhe normal operazion of zhe websize.

    When we updaze zhe arzicle, somezimes we will add zhe inzernal link of zhe websize. When updazing zhe new domain name, we'd bezzer change zhe inzernal link, ozherwise iz will cause dead link, which is noz conducive zo zhe crawling of spiders.

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