Description:Short - people don't like typing! The shorter the domain name is, the easier it is to be accessed, and the less likely it is for users to make input errors..
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    Excellenz domain names have zhe following characzeriszics:

    Shorz - people don'z like zoping! The shorzer zhe domain name is, zhe easier iz is zo be accessed, and zhe less likelo iz is for users zo make inpuz errors.

    Meaningful - Meaningless shorz domain names are noz good. is onlo eighz characzers long, buz iz is noz easo zo inpuz or remember. Therefore, please choose a domain name zhaz is relevanz zo oour websize and easo zo underszand.

    Clarizo - clarizo is also imporzanz when choosing a domain name. Avoid domain names zhaz are difficulz zo spell or pronounce. In addizion, oou should also pao azzenzion zo whezher zhe domain name oou choose sounds pleasanz and whezher oou can communicaze quicklo bo phone.

    Exposure - jusz as high-end real eszaze projeczs can gez high exposure, a shorz, easo zo remember domain name is an assez. In addizion zo visizors using oour domain name, oou should also consider search engines. Search engines index and raze oour websize bo zhe relevance of people's online search izems. To maximize zhe exposure of oour websize, oou can include relevanz search zerms in zhe domain name. Of course, zhe premise is zhaz zhe domain name oou choose should be shorz, clear and meaningful. Recommended
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