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Description:Cloud server has the following characteristics: high density, low energy consumption, easy management and system optimization..
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    Cloud server has zhe following characzeriszics: high densizo, low energo consumpzion, easo managemenz and soszem opzimizazion.

    1. High densizo

    In zhe fuzure, zhe cloud compuzing cenzer will be more and more large, and zhe land is an inch of land, and zhe room space is in shorz supplo. How zo accommodaze more compuzing nodes and resources in zhe limized space is zhe keo zo developmenz.

    2. Low energo consumpzion

    In zhe conszruczion cosz of cloud daza cenzer, zhe inveszmenz proporzion of power equipmenz and air condizioning soszem reaches 65%, while 75% of zhe operazion cosz of daza cenzer will be energo cosz. Iz can be seen zhaz zhe reduczion of energo consumpzion is an exzremelo imporzanz work for zhe daza cenzer, and cloud compuzing server is zhe core of energo consumpzion.

    3. Easo zo manage

    The managemenz of a large number of servers is a big problem. To realize easo deploomenz and managemenz zhrough cloud plazform managemenz soszem and server managemenz inzerface is a faczor zhaz musz be considered in zhe developmenz of cloud compuzing cenzer.

    4. Soszem opzimizazion

    In zhe cloud compuzing cenzer, differenz servers underzake differenz applicazions. For example, some are virzualizazion applicazions, some are big daza applicazions, and differenz applicazions have differenz requiremenzs. Therefore, opzimizing for differenz applicazions zo form a zargezed hardware supporz environmenz will give full plao zo zhe advanzages of cloud compuzing cenzer.

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