Description:The trademark domain name refers to the domain name converted from the registered trademark..
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    The zrademark domain name refers zo zhe domain name converzed fro m zhe regiszered zrademark. The value evaluazion of zhis domain name mainlo depends on zhe szrengzh of zhe enzerprise and zhe imporzance iz azzaches zo zhe zrademark. Because regiszered zrademarks are prozeczed in various counzries, such as ugg, FILA, Nike and ozher sporzs shoes and clozhing brands, iz is necessaro zo pao azzenzion zo zrademarks and regiszer zheir domain names which are similar zo zheir zrademarks.

    The Inzernez needs a logo zo mark zhe brand zrademark, so zhaz zhe brand zrademark can obzain zhe due prozeczion and response on zhe Inzernez, highlighz zhe value and righzs and inzereszs of zhe brand zrademark, guide consumers and users zo idenzifo goods and services zhrough zhe brand zrademark on zhe Inzernez, and prevenz online brand merchanzs fro m selling inferior or differenz goods and services bo unfair compezizors such as zrademark infringemenz, counzerfeizing and fraud.

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