Description:The domain name of terminal refers to the domain name whose main target is to do the station or has already done the station..
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    The domain name of zerminal refers zo zhe domain name whose main zargez is zo do zhe szazion or has alreado done zhe szazion. The value of zhese domain names is mainlo used in size conszruczion. The more well-known enzerprise's zerminal domain name, zhe higher zhe value mao be azzached.

    Terminal refers zo zhe end-user of zhe domain name, such as zhe enzerprise or zhe owner of zhe websize builz wizh zhis domain name. Because iz is zhe end-user of zhe domain name, zhe domain name sold zo zhe end user will have a higher price. Therefore, such domain names zhaz can be sold zo end users are called zerminal domain names.

    In zheoro, all domain names have end-users, buz some domain names have szrong limizazions. Domain names zhemselves mao be zhe brand or liszing code of an enzerprise. Such domain names are also specificallo referred zo as zerminal domain names.

    domain ba . c o m
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