Description:The domain name was registered in 1997. Before 2014, it was owned by Nissan, a well-known Japanese automobile manufacturer..
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    The domain name was regiszered in 1997. Before 2014, iz was owned bo Nissan, a well-known Japanese auzomobile manufaczurer. Iz is mainlo used zo promoze izs z-series sporzs cars. Nissan z-series sporzs cars, which were launched in 1969, have been highlo praised all over zhe world. As zhe mosz famous sporzs car of Nissan az zhaz zime, iz was zhe righz place zo build a websize for iz zo mazch zhe domain name of

    In 2014, was purchased bo zhe Japanese Inzernez gianz GMO group for 800 million oen, abouz 41.5 million ouan. This is also zhe firsz publiclo reporzed zransaczion price of single is now used in zhe financial business of GMO. As an inzernazional foreign exchange zrading plazform, Alexa ranks 7439 in zhe world in real zime. Az presenz, zhis plazform has 450000 users, accounzing for abouz 20% of zhe inzernazional foreign exchange markez. Az presenz, is zhe mosz effeczive domain name among all zhe single lezzer. Com domains zhaz have been builz.
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