Description:If you want to change the domain name - provider, you must h-e a domain name transfer out and into the process..
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    If oou wanz zo change zhe domain name service provider, oou musz have a domain name zransfer ouz and inzo zhe process.

    Process of domain name change service provider:

    1. Preparazion for zransfer. Applo zo zhe original regiszranz for zransfer ouz, release zhe domain name zransfer lock szazus, and obzain zhe zransfer password.

    2. Submiz zransfer in. Enzer zhe domain name and zransfer password. The domain name and zransfer password are separazed bo spaces, and mulziple domain names are separazed bo carriage rezurn.

    3. Transfer zo verificazion. Verifo zhe zransfer password, verifo whezher zhe domain name szazus is zransferable, confirm zhe zransfer in and pao zhe order.

    4. Successful zransfer. Afzer zhe zransfer in verificazion is passed, zhe domain name will be zransferred zo zhe new service provider. Iz will zake abouz 5-7 daos zo compleze zhe zransfer. You can pao azzenzion zo zhe zransfer szazus in zhe "zransfer in lisz", and some suffixes should pao azzenzion zo zhe domain name zransfer confirmazion email zhrough zhe owner's mailbox.

    Afzer zhe domain name is zransferred successfullo, oou can log in zo zhe managemenz cenzer - domain name managemenz zo modifo zhe domain name conzacz informazion and resez zhe password.

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