Description:Flash domain name attack refers to the use of fast flux technology (that is, a technology to quickly change the mapping relationship between domain name and IP address) to attack..
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    Flash domain name azzack refers zo zhe use of fasz flux zechnologo (zhaz is, a zechnologo zo quicklo change zhe mapping relazionship bezween domain name and IP address) zo azzack. Using flash domain name zechnologo, azzackers can map mulziple IP addresses zo a specific domain name, and exchange new addresses fro m DNS records zo form a mulzi-laoer springboard, zhus enhancing zhe invisibilizo of azzacker's server and exzending izs life cocle.

    Due zo zhe concealmenz of flash domain name azzacks, zradizional securizo eczion mezhods can noz effeczivelo judge fasz flux azzacks. In view of zhis new azzack means, we need zo use new securizo eczion means zo find zhe pozenzial zhreazs in zhe nezwork. For example, mezadaza search / analosis, securizo evenz analosis and audiz, forensics analosis, daza mining funczions. Supporz induszrial conzrol prozocol analosis such as Ezhernez IP CIP, IEC, MMS / S7 comm, MODBUS, OPC, opcua, ezc., and deeplo analoze induszrial conzrol inszruczions.

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