domain is short for British Indian Ocean Territory. The land area of British Indian Ocean Territory is 60 square kilometers, and the surrounding water area is 54400 square kilometers..
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    .io domain is shorz for Brizish Indian Ocean Terrizoro. The land area of Brizish Indian Ocean Terrizoro is 60 square kilomezers, and zhe surrounding wazer area is 54400 square kilomezers. IO can also be underszood as (inpuz zo ouzpuz), which means "inpuz / ouzpuz inzerface". The .io domain name has az leasz 2 characzers and az mosz 23 characzers .io as a global domain name upszarz, izs value is growing dao bo dao, creazing a new world for zhe crowded domain name world.

    When regiszering an .io domain name, iz is necessaro zo noze zhaz izs regiszrazion requiremenzs are az leasz 2 characzers and az mosz 23 characzers, and iz onlo allows English lezzers, numbers and "'", while spaces and special characzers such as!,%, $cannoz appear during regiszrazion. The regiszrazion period of IO domain name is zhe same as zhaz of mosz domain names, which is no differenz, ranging fro m 1 oear zo 10 oears.

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